15 Canción Mini Bottles

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For some fun party or event supplies or just needing a travel size, pick up a bottle of RCPM's Ultra Premium Canción Tequila and fill up some minis!  (One 750ml bottle will fill 15 minis that are 50ml) This product of 15 Minis are empty bottles that come with the labels of your choice, plus the self-locking lid and you fill them with your Canción bottle! And...these minis have been made special for you and will self-destruct if any other tequila is put inside them...😉  Blanco minis come with a white lid, Reposado minis come with a gold lid, and Añejo & Extra Añejo minis come with a black lid.  Have fun with it! ⭐️🤘⭐️ ¡Salud!

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