Chubasco Festival Shot Cup - Handmade

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Once upon a time, twenty years ago, Roger & PH attempted to bring music to the beautiful countryside near the Clyne Ranch at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Sonoita.  Roger's brother, Greg, was a fine arts major at the time and was working a lot in clay sculpture.  So Roger asked him to make some shot cups for the event on 9/15/01, what was to be our First Annual Festival de los Chubascos!  Little did anyone know that 9/11 would happen four days prior, making the festival a shadow of the expected attendees and although the concert still happened, not all of the shot cups were sold.  Recently, Greg found a box that had a 48 left and so we have them here available for sale 20 years later!  Adorned with a Chubasco rain cloud and each one listing the date on them, they are for sale as a precious piece of RCPM history.  Note the graphic on the Clyne Country Campout is a rain cloud as well!  Available in three colors and two of them have a smaller size.  The regular sizes are roughly 4oz, the small size is 2oz.  Each one is individually made and no two are exactly the same.

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