Americano - Full Album Digital Download

Americano - Full Album Digital Download

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Americano! debuted at #1 on Billboard's Internet Sales Chart above Johnny Cash, Norah Jones and the soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings. It was released in February of 2004 and is the 4th album by Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers.

Track 1 Americano
Track 2 Counterclockwise
Track 3 I Don't Need Another Thrill
Track 4 Switchblade
Track 5 Leaky Little Boat
Track 6 God Gave Me a Gun
Track 7 Loco to Stay Sane
Track 8 Mexican Moonshine
Track 9 Your Name on a Grain of Rice
Track 10 Love, Come Lighten My Load
Track 11 Leave an Open Door
Track 12 Little Hungover You

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