Turbo Ocho - Full Album Digital Download

Turbo Ocho - Full Album Digital Download

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Turbo Ocho is a chronicle of the first ever RCPM Viva Cast: A revolutionary reality-recording experiment where the band and crew set up a studio in a seaside home in Rocky Point, Mexico and broadcasted daily audio and video episodes to thousands of homes through the band website. The goal was to create and share, from inspiration to the final mix, 8 songs in 8 days. And that is what they did. Turbo Ocho is the 7th album by Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. It was VivaCasted in January of 2008, then later made available for download in early March of 2008 and finally a physical cd/dvd combo in late March 2008. These digital downloads are the songs. The DVD is available with the physical disc here at Peacetime Goods.

Track 1 - I Speak Your Language
Track 2 - State of the Art
Track 3 - I Know You Know
Track 4 - Summer Number 39
Track 5 - Mercy
Track 6 - I Can Drink the Water
Track 7 - I Do
Track 8 - Persephone
Track 9 - Mañana
Track 10 - Captain Suburbia
Track 11 - Méxicosis

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