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For those of you who went to the Campout, these “blankets” were decorating the Booze Boutique.  They are actually samples from an attempt to get another batch of RCPM Mexican blankets made down in Mexico.  However, they do not really qualify as blankets as they are not durable, they are much more for decoration.  Beautifully embroidered, the fabric is not durable at all for using on a beach or in regular rotation as a blanket.  There are only 4 of them.  2 are the same that are tan with black lettering and have red/black/teal striping on the top and bottom.  The other two are black, one has Teal Outline lettering, the other has a Solid Teal lettering, this is how they are differentiated in the product description for ordering.  The black blankets have tan/red/teal stripping on the top and bottom.  (There may still be some little bits of hay here and there on them from the ranch :)